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We’re still in the process of finalising content for this page. So far we’ve uploaded documents you will need to get started. Check back soon to see what else we’ve uploaded.

Further down this page you will find

          • Curriculum Links
          • Program guidelines
          • Module checklists
          • Audit tools

Curriculum Links

Curriculum Links is a document we’ve developed to provide direction on how sustainability can be linked into the Victorian curriculum for years F to 6.

For each subject area at each year level there are suggested sustainability activities, and ResourceSmart Schools module icons that show which module the activities link to. Curriculum Links also includes an extensive list of resources for use by teachers when developing and delivering sustainability lessons.

ResourceSmart Schools Guidelines

The ResourceSmart Schools guidelines provide an overview of how ResourceSmart Schools works, and the steps a school needs to take to progress through sustainability certification.

        PDF:   ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Guidelines

        Word: ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Guidelines

Checklists & How To guides

To see a full list of actions under each module, download the module checklist below.

Core module:                  PDF:    ResourceSmart Schools Core Checklist

                                          Word:  ResourceSmart Schools Core Checklist

            Core Module Toolkit:     ResourceSmart Schools Core Module Toolkit

Biodiversity module:     PDF:    ResourceSmart Schools Biodiversity Checklist

                                          Word:  ResourceSmart Schools Biodiversity Checklist

            Biodiversity How To Guide: PDF: Biodiversity How To Guide PDF

Energy module:             PDF:    ResourceSmart Schools Energy Checklist

                                          Word:  ResourceSmart Schools Energy Checklist

              Energy How To Guide    PDF:    Energy How To Guide PDF

                                                        Word:   Energy How To Guide Word

Waste module:               PDF:    ResourceSmart Schools Waste Checklist

                                          Word:  ResourceSmart Schools Waste Checklist

              Waste How To Guide     PDF:     Waste How To Guide PDF

                                                        Word:   Waste How To Guide Word

Water module:               PDF:    ResourceSmart Schools Water Checklist

                                          Word: ResourceSmart Schools Water Checklist

             Water How To guide       PDF:     Water How To Guide

 Cool Australia Audit Tools

These tools from Cool Australia have been designed to support ResourceSmart schools completing audits. Teachers can find the full range of audits on the Cool Australia website. Take advantage of the digital worksheets and complete the audits on an iPad or mobile device.

Ecological Footprint (primary)         Cool Australia ResourceSmart Ecological Footprint – Primary

Ecological Footprint (secondary)    Cool Australia ResourceSmart Ecological Footprint – Secondary

Biodiversity Audit (upper primary) Cool Australia ResourceSmart Biodiversity Audit – Upper Primary

Biodiversity Audit (secondary)         Cool Australia ResourceSmart Biodiversity Audit – Secondary

Water Audit (upper primary)            Cool Australia ResourceSmart Water Audit – Upper Primary

Waste Audit (secondary)                   Cool Australia ResourceSmart Waste Audit – Secondary

Litter Audit (secondary)                    Cool Australia ResourceSmart Litter Audit – Secondary