Getting started is easy. Under ResourceSmart Schools, you have access to sustainability experts with the knowledge, skills and resources to help you on your journey. The first step is to:


What happens next?

Once you register your interest, your regional coordinator makes contact with your school to:

  • provide more information on ResourceSmart Schools
  • confirm your school’s eligibility
  • sign a Memorandum of Understanding with your school
  • set up your school’s online account and send your login details by email, and
  • put you in touch with a facilitator to help you manage the day-to-day aspects of ResourceSmart Schools.

Top five tips to get started

  1. Make the most of your regional coordinator and facilitator to gather information, resources and contacts.
  2. If possible, assign a dedicated resource in your school to oversee ResourceSmart Schools – even an hour or two a week makes a difference.
  3. Make contact with other ResourceSmart schools and environmental networks in your area for help, ideas and support.
  4. Get the whole school on board – teachers, students, parents and the wider school community.
  5. Read what other schools are doing for ideas and inspiration.

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