Why get involved with ResourceSmart Schools?

Sustainability is about taking what we need to live now, while ensuring that future generations have the resources they need to survive and thrive. ResourceSmart Schools helps schools work towards a more sustainable way of life for schools, students and the wider community.Involving students and teachers in real-life learning opportunities influences sustainable behaviour now and in the future. It helps schools embed sustainability across all learning areas, assisting schools to address the cross-curriculum priority for sustainability outlined in the Australian Curriculum. Students develop leadership and problem-solving skills and confidence in their ability to make a difference.

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ResourceSmart Schools also has practical benefits such as cost savings. Between 2008 and 2013, Victorian schools saved over $5.2 million, with an average of $1.3 million dollars saved on energy bills.

What’s so good about being involved?


Reach for the stars and receive statewide recognition with Sustainability Certification.


Save on energy, waste and water bills – and greenhouse gas emissions.

Real-life learning

Students learn take-home lessons about sustainable action.


Sustainable living

Minimise waste, save energy and water, promote biodiversity, and cut your greenhouse gas emissions.

Build community

Position your school as a community leader and network with other schools and environmental partners.



Success stories and school awards

Read more about how schools are implementing ResourceSmart Schools.

Does your school have a ResourceSmart Schools success story? Login to your account and share your story with other schools.

You could even enter the ResourceSmart Schools Awards held annually by Sustainability Victoria. With prize money and resource support up for grabs, the awards are a great opportunity to boost your school profile, network with other Victorian schools that are excelling in sustainability and celebrate with your whole community.

For more information about the awards, visit the Sustainability Victoria website.