Who is involved

The regional consortia

The ResourceSmart Schools initiative has a network of regional sustainability experts to support your school’s journey:

Regional coordinators

Coordinators oversee ResourceSmart Schools in their region. They register schools and set them up with a facilitator. In some regions, the coordinator and the facilitator are the same person.


Facilitators help schools implement ResourceSmart Schools. They put schools in touch with people, resources and information, and help with completing modules and the certification process.


Assessors review school performance when they complete a module or reach the next star, ready for certification by Sustainability Victoria.


Biodiversity, water, waste and energy experts help you address resource usage in your school.

To find your nearest consortium, send us a request via our contacts page.

Other partners

ResourceSmart Schools is a Victorian Government initiative managed by Sustainability Victoria in partnership with the Department of Education and Training (DET).

Sustainability Victoria funds the regional consortia, manages Sustainability Certification and organises the ResourceSmart School Awards.

Other schools and networks

Schools participating in ResourceSmart Schools share stories and lesson plans to teach and inspire other schools. A list of participating schools will be available soon. To download lesson plans and other resources for schools, login to your account.

Some regions have local networks in place to provide support and ideas, such as Teacher Environment Networks. You can find a list of relevant Victorian networks on the contacts page when you login to your account.