Be rewarded for your sustainability efforts with Sustainability Certification

ResourceSmart Schools recognises and rewards the hard work and performance of your school through Sustainability Certification. Certification has two parts:

Module Completion

Star progression

Complete one of five modules (core, biodiversity, energy, waste, water) and receive a certificate valid for three years.To complete a module, schools must complete a set number of actions. To progress through Sustainability Certification schools must complete more actions and more modules. Meet requirements for 1 to 5 Stars to recognise a school’s progress.Stars are valid for three years.Star progression shows that a school has completed modules, continues to demonstrate and track progress, and meets and maintains specific benchmarks over time.


Your school must complete all five modules and show your ongoing commitment to sustainability to become a 5 Star school – the pinnacle of ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic. Click on the boxes above to find out more about completing modules and earning stars.

What’s the difference between module completion and star progression?

When your school is awarded a certificate for completing a module, it shows that you have completed enough actions for that module.

Star progression shows that, not only have you completed enough modules and actions but that you continue to demonstrate and track progress, reducing resource use and meeting and maintaining specific benchmarks.

How do I get certified?

This website includes an inbuilt Sustainability Certification system. As you continue to enter billing details and register your completed actions, the system tracks your progress until you reach completion of modules and stars.

Completing modules: When you complete a module, a ‘verify progress’ button appears. Clicking on this button notifies your school’s facilitator and assessor to verify your progress. Once verified, Sustainability Victoria certifies the module and you can download your certificate. Read more about completing modules.

Completing stars: Stars are completed more or less automatically as you work through the modules, completing additional actions and meeting benchmarks. You can click on a star to see what actions still need to be completed. Read more about star certification.

Find out more about who’s involved with the certification process.

What happens when my module or star lapses?

Stars and modules are valid for four years from the date of Sustainability Certification by Sustainability Victoria. After 3 years the status of the star or module will change to RENEWAL REQUIRED as a reminder that it will soon lapse and should be renewed. After four years, if the module or star has not been renewed, its status will change to LAPSED.

The renewal process reflects the ongoing nature of sustainability and allows schools to reassess their progress and achievements. To renew a module or star, the school must review the action checklist to ensure that all actions are still checked correctly and that current documents reflecting the current status of the school’s sustainability programs have been uploaded.

For more information on the renewal process contact your facilitator.